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Chiropractor Recommendation. Better Sleep.

A chiropractor recommendation always includes better sleep. A good night’s sleep after a long day can be rewarding just on its own, but a good night of proper sleep can be good for both your mind and your body.


Proper chiropractic care takes more than just a visit to our offices every once and a while, though. While changing your posture and stretching more makes a difference, making calculated changes to your sleeping situation can be just as important.  

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Use fewer pillows


Another chiropractor recommendation is to use fewer pillows. For some, this will be easier said than done, but an excessive amount of pillows can do more harm than good when it comes to neck pain. When people sleep on too many pillows, it can cause their spine and neck to curve, which results in more neck and shoulder pain instead of less.


To avoid this, it’s typically best to use only one pillow to keep yourself comfortable while keeping your body as flat on the bed as possible. Don’t be afraid to try different pillows until you find what works best for you.


Sleep on your side … properly


This one can be complicated if you toss and turn in your sleep. However, if you’re able to remain in a straight posture while sleeping on your side, your body will thank you. The full-extension will reduce the strain on your lower back, and if you keep your arms in front of you instead of under your pillow it can also reduce stress on your arms.


If you find yourself having trouble staying comfortable in this position, you can also consider adding a pillow between your legs – more specifically your knees.


Stay on your back


While many people find temporary comfort in sleeping on their stomachs, it can lead to many of the same issues as sleeping with too many pillows. Additionally, it forces twisting in the spine, which can result in the upper and back and neck.


The best way to avoid these concerns is by simply staying your back. While it can be a difficult habit to start if you’re used to being on your stomach or side, the benefits of keeping your spine straight while resting will be worth it in the long run.


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