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first chiropractor appointment

More often than not, physical pain is what brings people into a first chiropractor appointment. There’s no reason for complications during your first visit to add any more stress than you already have.


Here are three tips to prepare for your first chiropractor appointment:


Show up early

There’s one thing guaranteed for patients at any type of doctor’s appointment … paperwork.

While nobody loves filling out form after form, it’s a critical component of our mission to get your body back in the condition you want.

Arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment should give you plenty of time to fill out insurance forms, and other documents to best prepare us to solve your issues.

You can get a headstart by filling out this new patient form before your first chiropractor appointment.


Consider your options

At Tualatin Optimal Wellness, we offer a variety of services that could be potential solutions to your issue. While Dr. Aaron Davison will go over many of these options with you, it’s always good to know what options are on the table before you get here.

Aside from our “state of the art” chiropractic care, we also offer massage therapy, nutritional counseling, spinal screenings, and hyperbaric therapy – a medical treatment that uses an increase in atmospheric pressure to help the body absorb more oxygen.

Any combination of these services could be involved in your personalized treatment plan.

Tualatin Optimal Wellness

Wear comfortable clothes

Nobody wants to receive a chiropractic adjustment in blue jeans.

Dress clothes, tight-fitting clothing, high heels, dress shoes, or flip flops can all potentially lead to discomfort during your appointment. Traditional loose-fitting athletic clothing and tennis shoes are the most comfortable choice, and should make any physical component of your visit more relieving.

If you’re ready to take the first step in easing your pain, click here to schedule your first appointment.

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