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Oxygen And Healing

What is True About Oxygen For most of the earth’s life forms, oxygen is the single most vital element. You can survive without the carbon and nitrogen in foodstuffs for weeks and can go days without drinking water, but just a few minutes without oxygen can end your life. The relationship between organism, environment and … Read more

Does Your Oregon Health Plan Cover Chiropractic?

Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Oregon Health Plan offers great coverage for alternative health care. Most people do not understand what they are entitled to with this insurance, some feel like they are only covered for the major illnesses, and ailments. However, if you are suffering with chronic or acute back pain, muscle pain, and/or joint … Read more

Auto Accident? What You Should Know About Your Insurance

Auto Accident Injury Coverage PIP’s time limit is two years, but the baseline $15,000 limit is unchanged. This means that if you were involved in an auto accident, you now have two years to seek treatment that is covered by your PIP benefits. PIP reimbursement (typically handled between the insurance companies involved in your crash) … Read more

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