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Techniques Chiropractors use in Adjustments

The techniques Chiropractors use with patients suffering chronic pain, limited joint function and restricted mobility are many. In fact, there are 7 techniques Chiropractors use in adjustments that are effective in reducing pain, restoring joint function, and increasing the range of mobility. ¬†These techniques include: Spinal Mobilization, Spinal Decompression, The Activator Method, Thompson Drop-Table Technique, … Read more

Does Your Oregon Health Plan Cover Chiropractic?

Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Oregon Health Plan offers great coverage for alternative health care. Most people do not understand what they are entitled to with this insurance, some feel like they are only covered for the major illnesses, and ailments. However, if you are suffering with chronic or acute back pain, muscle pain, and/or joint … Read more

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