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Chiropractic Care for Children

Like a baby tree…sometimes a straight start ensures a healthy life!

As much as we would like to believe our children are born “perfect and new” we sometimes forget they spent 9 months developing in a very confined environment with all the stresses we experience as adults. They’re developing body’s continue to grow after birth, and need help along the way. The importance of proper nutrition, a good environment to grow and be challenged, as well as a spine that is mobile and developing straight. At Tualatin Optimal Wellness we strive to use the latest research to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. Whether you have been in an auto accident, or your child has is having difficulties walking. It is always a good idea to see your local Tualatin chiropractor.

Is It Safe

Multiple studies point to the safety of chiropractic for kids. In a 2012 survey of European chiropractors, fewer than 1% of children experienced side effects from chiropractic treatments, and those side effects were all mild.This confirms the results of three other studies in which no serious side effects were reported in pediatric patients receiving chiroprsactic treatment.

Will It Work

Research suggests that chiropractic can safely relieve musculoskeletal pain in children. In a 2003 study, 62% of pediatric patients had substantial reductions in back pain after receiving chiropractic adjustments.3 Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions continues to be the number one reason why children receive chiropractic care.

But chiropractic does more than treat conditions, it can help children improve their health through wellness care. In a 2009 survey, one of the primary reasons why parents took their child to see a chiropractor was for wellness care.4

Current research shows that chiropractic can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones, release endorphins, and boost the immune system.

Whether you’re hoping to ease your child’s pain or improve their health, chiropractic can help.

Auto Injuries for kids, Trouble sleeping, Bed-wetting in children


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