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How To Recover From A Car Accident

Auto Accident Stages of Recovery

At some point in our lives we may experience a car accident or two, for others, it might be more.  Some of these accidents are minor and some may be more severe, whichever it might be the degrees of injury can last a lifetime if not treated properly.

Initial Stages of Injury

Shock! The initial stages of injury are shock. Shock, or adrenaline rushes through our body to give us the strength to get out of danger and is a temporary pain blocker as well. With this, some typically do not feel pain as a result of the accident until hours, days, or even weeks later.

Secondary Stages of Injury

Typically, as a result of the whiplash injury from the rapid movement our muscles and ligaments are sprained and strained. Inflammation from the injury makes our body feel stiff and painful to move, it is there to help protect and heal the tissues.  Some people seek medical treatment in this stage of healing because they feel a massage or a pain killer might help them work without pain, or sleep better. This stage lasts for 2-4 weeks typically, but can last for longer. Chiropractic care in this stage is imperative because correcting the joint movement after a car accident helps restore proper nerve function which controls the healing process, and reduces chances of degeneration.

Stages of Recovery

Initial stages of recovery should always start with protected, guarded movement, ice, and plenty of rest. Seeking professional assistance from a chiropractor or any form of physical medicine usually is the best choice. At Tualatin Optimal Wellness, we perform a physical exam to establish baseline injuries, and second would request x-rays to figure out any underlying injury and to properly treat the spine.  Next, would be corrective adjustments to the joints to restore motion, and massage to help reduce scare tissue.  This is typically done 2-3 visits a week for a few weeks to quickly reduce inflammation, restore proper mobility and alignment, and reduce pain.

Second stage of recovery continues with corrective adjustments, massage, and implementing corrective exercises. After the reduction of inflammation, the damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments still remain. This damage can lead to worsening pain, or future injury if left untreated.

Just as it is important to practice a skill for a sport, repetition is important for the correction and healing of our body. This stage is very important to reduce future injury or chronic pain. It is in this stage that people often find out if serious damage to their discs have occurred, which would require other specialists and treatments.

How Tualatin Optimal Wellness can help!

Here we take every approach to properly assess and initiate the correct treatment. We work with other health care professionals to assure you are being treated for ALL your injuries.  Our chiropractic and healing approach we take very seriously and do our best to help you recover as quick as possible. We have had much success with our patients in their recovery from traumatic injuries like that after a motor vehicle accident.  Even if you want information, we work with you every step of the way.


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