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Hyperbaric Therapy.



Hyperbaric Therapy is used to help wounds heal by bringing oxygen rich plasma into tissues that are starved for it. The injury causes swelling, which deprives the damaged cells of their needed nutrients such as oxygen and they start dying off due lack of essential nutrients Hyperbaric Therapy reduces this process with a high pressure chamber flooding your vital tissues with oxygen to help them heal faster.


Hyperbaric Therapy prevents damage from “reperfusion”. This is important because it helps the body heal more quickly and protects against severe tissue injury caused by interruptions in blood supply, such as occurs with crush injuries or other types of trauma where there’s been deprivation of oxygen for some time span. Hyperbaric therapy promotes inflammation control while also encouraging antioxidant activity so the body can start healing right away.

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When you are treated with this service, your immune system is strengthened and toxins from certain bacteria can be disabled. Furthermore, oxygen levels within the tissues improve which allows white blood cells to fight off infection better than before therapy began!


Hyperbaric therapy removes the blockages that are preventing new blood vessels from developing, encouraging collagen and skin cells to heal faster. It does so by stimulating a person’s own ability to produce endothelial growth factor which helps stimulate cells needed to heal successfully. Tualatin Optimal Wellness offers this service. 



Oxygen And Healing

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